During the civil war, the Bardocas military flight field was built near Badajoz. Due to its geographical location, the area is sandwiched between the Guadiana and Gévora rivers, expansion of the facilities is not possible. This circumstance forces the construction of a new airfield near Talavera la Real, 14 kilometers from Badajoz.

At the beginning of 1951, the grading of the flight runway began and in the summer of that same year the control tower was completed. The two runways initially planned were reduced to one, with orientation 13-31, and which currently, after several extensions, has a length of 9,348 feet (2,805 m), and is equipped with “crash barriers.” braking), which so impressed the Minister of Air, General Gallarza, on his visit to the United States of America in May 1954. The runway was completed at the beginning of 1953, and in December the Air Force Reactor School was installed .

The air base improves its facilities and on September 12, 1958 it opens to national air traffic. In June 1954, the Talavera aeronautical easements were established, later modified in 1968.

The first commercial flights that departed from Badajoz to Madrid did so in the 1940s, using the Las Bardocas airfield as a base, and it was not until September 12, 1958 that the Badajoz airport was opened to national air traffic. , the Madrid-Badajoz airline being operated by the company Aviaco. The first regular airline of the Iberia company was inaugurated on July 14, 1976 with the Madrid-Badajoz line, and the air base facilities were used to serve passengers.

The problems arising from the joint use of the airport advise the construction of a separate aircraft parking apron and terminal building on the opposite side of the runway. The works began in 1981 and concluded in 1983, although the terminal was not used until 1990, at which time two daily flights with Madrid and two flights per week with Barcelona were established.

Badajoz airport is one of the few Spanish airports where Air France’s Concorde has been present. This event occurred on June 5, 1989, and was used as a prize for the winners of a contest organized by Caja de Badajoz celebrating its centenary of creation, and the most likely reason why it landed at this airport is that at that time it had one of the longest runways in the entire country, which was ideal for the Concorde. This event aroused great expectation among the population, although no newsreel records of that day are kept, so it cannot be measured to what extent it reached.

Other airlines that have operated at Badajoz Airport and currently do not are Volotea, Air Europa Express, Lagun Air and Spanair.

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